Digital Marketing

On-page Optimization Service

On Page Optimization is an integral and important part of SEO. On-page Optimization is the process of modification of various elements in a Web pages such as keyword density, html errors, html optimization, URL, Meta tag, ALT Tags, title, heading, XML Site Map so that search engine spiders could easily locate the Web pages.

Key Features of On Page Optimization

Page Title :— One of the most important factors that could enhance the search engine rankings for your website. Your title should include your keywords and assist describe your site, or the specific page.

Meta Description :— Meta Description briefly explains what your site or specific page is about.

Meta Keyword Tags :— Meta Keyword tags explain what that web site or specific page is about. Keeping short and to the point is the most important factor in Meta keyword.

Keywords planning :— the best keywords are sorted out after having a look at the popular keywords that are being used by the target audience.

Keyword Density :— It essentially means that a particular web page must contain the key phrases it wishes to promote itself upon. Hence the objective remains to increase the relevancy of the textual information laid out on a page with reference to the key phrases which a prospective interested visitor may type on search engines seeking related results. It is achieved by maintaining a certain amount of key phrases in the web page.

Headings :— It is a technical tool in implemented in the HTML codes of a page, in order to increase the prominence of certain important key phrases so that it is noticed by the search engine crawler amongst the vast information displayed on a page.

XML Site Map :— We create and submit site maps onto global search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. so as to make the pages easier to be located by the interested visitors. It is essentially yet another tool of laying and highlighting paths/links of all the pages on the website, so as to make it easier for the website visitors to access, browse and read through them easily.

Anchor text :— Play a vital role in getting the higher ranks with all the major search engines.

Significance of keywords :— To optimize your website, it is better to keep in mind that using the selected keywords in the domain name is the initial and vital step.

On-page Optimization services are provided by us :-

  • Complete HTML of Approved Concept design
  • Format Content Titles using H1, H2, and H3
  • Add ALT & Title text to images & text links
  • Prepare Title text, Meta description and keyword for each page
  • Keyword Density Check / Content Improvements
  • Interlinking text to relevant pages and sections of site
  • Create Site map on Site
  • Interlinking text to relevant pages and sections of site
  • Upload robots.txt file and Google Site map (sitemap.xml)