MLM Software

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing technique in which the sales compel is compensated not only for sales they individually generate, but also for the sales of others they sponsor, creating a network of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple stages of pay out. Other terms for MLM include chart selling, network marketing and affiliate marketing.

  • Highly personalized as per the requirements of the company.
  • Ability for the MLM company to calculate their actual costing/Profit and enrolling amount per member by means of the software.
  • Comprehensive reporting components.
  • Ability to complete whole MLM calculation including the most crucial points for a binary plan.
  • Per pair Revenue.
  • Upper limit /Capping limit.
  • Royalty Control.
  • Awards benefits Management.
  • Online Enrollment
  • Online Reports
  • Online Ancestry
  • Online Member Account
  • Online Welcome Letter
  • TDS estimations
  • Incentive Estimations
  • TDS records
  • Product Distribution
  • Bonus Voucher
  • Online Text messaging
  • Online Receipt Stats (Graphical)
  • Records Check