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Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media optimization is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites, and is a form of Internet marketing. Any website which allows user to share their content, views, opinions and encourages community building and other interaction can be classified as a social media. It is a way to optimize web sites so they are easily connected or interlaced with social media sites.

If you are not tapping into the unlimited potential of Social Media, you are missing out on a cost-effective yet priceless research and marketing tool.

At Gradient Softech, we work with our clients to leverage their product and brand strategies by building interactively engaging marketing solutions for various social media applications. Marketing your business using social media strategies is based on subtle word-of-mouth marketing. Promoting ideas that are genuinely interesting will spread easily and effectively among online social networks and communities. Some popular social media sites are: Twitter, Facebook, , Flickr, YouTube, Digg, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us, Scribd etc. to increase your brand image on the Internet.

At Gradient Softech what we do :

  • Research key online communities that will Identify (and spread) with your brand
  • Create public profiles for your brand
  • Install social bookmarking/sharing buttons on your key site content pages
  • Blog creation and implement blog cross pollination strategies
  • Encourage natural back linking to the target web URLs
  • Promote and create viral content
  • The list is endless!