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Pathology Labs Software

Pathology software, a exclusive clinical laboratory software which assists in creating smart reports of pathology, Ultrasound, X-ray, ECG & Echo. It not only print eye-catching reports but also monitor of accounts. It has also built-in test library.

Information Management and proper presentation of the collected data is a crucial and time-consuming task. All operations in a path lab can be automatic by using our product, pathology software, which collects and presents the data in a finest feasible way.

Here all reports can be produced quickly and perfectly. Thus providing enhancement over performance and efficiency of your lab supervision.

Key Functions :-

1. This software keeps patient record as well as their test records.
2. This software offers various types of Master List like Test Group Information,Doctor List, Test rates and lots of more.
3. This software offers various choice criteria for searching of patient record such as Patient name wise selection, Test date wise selection.
4. Bill of the patient could be well prepared with in the software.
5. Facilitates all pathology lab tests.
6. Doctor's commission is instantly calculated on the patient bill.
7. The user could get backup of the database.
8. Unique patient Id and Patient record Id for handling future list.
9. Information collecting about date of Visit, Referenced Doctor name etc.
10. Produce Test Reports and receipt creation for printing
11. Data entry acceptance and printer prepared reports.


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